Production and Sound Design Tutoring

After giving a workshop in the production aesthetics of Psychedelic Trance, Mubali became enthralled with the opportunity to help multiple generations of electronic music composers explore imaginative sound design and spread his learned philosophy of stimulating the body and the consciousness. Through techniques acquired and developed over his of experience and various external influences, he hopes to help all who wish to express themselves through sound gain a better understanding of the myriad of possibilities that each moment presents. 

He is currently a Senior attending University of California, San Diego studying Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts. He has been fortunate to be under the tutelage of respected computer music pioneers and audio software designers.  While his focus remains to assist with imaginative sound design creation and instruction, the added knowledge of the inner workings of computer based synthesis only enriches the potentialities that digital sound presents! 

Mubali is available for workshops and private instruction in sound design, composition, mixing, mastering, live performance, brand management and marketing. 

If you are interested in receiving tutoring in Psychedelic Sound Arts, please follow this link and complete the form.