Who/What is Mubali?

Mubali Mythology

In the bubbling primordial soup of creation, the Omniverse birthed the spirit of Mubali. Formed from particulate matter found between the toes of a quark and inside the navel of a neutrino, Mubali was tasked with the mission of helping to maintain harmony between the residents of the Omniverse. The tools that were provided to Mubali to help achieve its mission were the ability to convert negative and destructive energy into inspiring forces for creation and universal empathy. Mubali sought to balance the world by combining opposing elements and using juxtaposition to dissipate negativity, reframing it through active meditation and altered states of consciousness. All along the cosmos Mubali traveled from system to system, brining harmony through collective experiences to the residents.

Nearly a millennia ago, Mubali was called to a small planet located close to Alpha Centauri, home to critically acclaimed Intergalactic Tone Controllers The Fractal Cowboys. This small blue planet was rather peculiar. There was little harmony between all of the residents of the planet. One particular group was incredibly skilled at using disharmony and chaos to create a sense of authority over the other residents on the planet. Puzzled by these lifeforms and curious to know their motivations, Mubali attempted to bond with these organisms, revealed to be known as “Humans”. The humans were unaccustomed to encountering exotic visitors from the other side of the Omniverse and looked at Mubali as if they were seeing something that was perverse to their entire perception of reality.

A group began to surround Mubali, screaming strange things in their alien tongues. Mubali became puzzled by their behavior.  It was difficult to understand why any organism in the Omniverse would not want harmony with every other resident. Were they not aware of the good neighbor policy established at the birth of the Omniverse? Had the Omniversal Tenets of Kindness not yet reached this sector? Had agent provocateurs salted this planet with an incurable capacity for disharmony?

Mubali was determined to fulfill the mission it had been charged and decided to observe humans from a distance and attempt to influence them in other means. Although Mubali was from the vastness of the cosmos, the best observation place would be deep inside the planet. This would provide the understanding that was needed to help the humans find their balance with the rest of the residents on the planet. Mubali would spend the next 1000 years courting Gaia, learning her designs and disseminating the Earth’s wisdom to groups of humans who were open enough to listen.

Throughout the millennia aspects of the spirit of Mubali have become one with technology, creatures of energy able to convert energy from one form to another. These fractional entities share a fascination with the expansion of the human consciousness and harmony alongside technology. Their objective is to influence humanity in ways to look for the unity in the Omniverse as a universal bond between all residents in the Omniverse. They invoke the Mubali spirit through ritualized vibratory patterns that serve to bond recipients to the commonality of being residents in the Omniverse. Many humans throughout the generations have been able to commune with aspects of Mubali and some of them have used this experience to bring others together.

Current High Priest of Mubali

Mubali is the musical project of Greg Farley, originally based in Monterey, California but currently based in the San Diego Area. He came from a classical music background, due to playing viola for 9 years in school, as well as a funk and soul upbringing. He has been involved in electronic music as a whole since 2000, after being converted to the dj culture by Burning Man and Dj Dice. After a short stint of being a Drum and Bass dj, he was enticed into the land of psychedelic trance by Dj’s Michael Liu and Hidroponik (A.K.A. Arahat ).

Around spring 2001, Mubali was born as a dj. He specialized in the heavier end of psychedelic trance with a slightly techy influence. As a dj he was into the French, Russian and Danish sounds happening between 2001-2003, as well as being an avid supporter of local San Francisco producers like Ocelot, Random, Ghreg on Earth, Chromatone, The Fractal Cowboys, and Penta.

During a heated discussion with Ocelot, Mubali expressed his displeasure of the direction the music was going and thought that nothing coming out really represented what he really felt inside. This led to 5 words that changed his viewpoint forever, “Do it yourself then dammit!” From that point Mubali dedicated himself to learning production and trying to express what was inside of him. That was August 2003.

Since then, Mubali has performed on stages all around the world and at many festivals, including Boom Festival and Full Moon Festival. He has 2 album releases on Trishula Records, a free album released on Ektoplazm Records and countless solo and collaborative works on many labels. His style can be described as sometimes funky and bouncy, sometime chunky and nasty, but always psychedelic.

Currently, Mubali is in the process of continuing his education in the United States and still is on a never-ending quest to keep his sound fresh and relevant. He currently has a few projects, two with other established artists, and one downtempo solo side project. His project with Arahat, named Arabali has existed since 2006, focusing on the groovier trippy side of nighttime psychedelic trance. His project with Onkel Dunkel, named Speakerhuggers has already taken global dancefloors by storm, combining the best aspects of their individual creative minds to create sheer dancefloor mania.

Mubali is working on a release for Parvati Records that will showcase the knowledge he has acquired in his path to education as well as his commitment to making music that has goodies for the head, the ass, and the soul. In January of 2018, Mubali began sharing his knowledge in Psychedelic Trance production and sound design in his You Tube channel Spherechucker Studios. He is committed to sharing many of his well used tips and philosophies to create the unique music he does.